Sophie’s Answer

…to have fun and show our pride in Peterborough

“Peterborough in Transition has helped me meet all sorts of amazing people who really care about their city. I’m only one person but together I feel like we can do great things in Peterborough.”

Sophie, Bretton

Many people get involved in Transition because it is fun and they get to meet new people and do new things – being involved feels more exciting, nourishing and rewarding than not being involved.
Working with new people and learning new skills together help us to feel more connected to our city and to each other. And it makes us hopeful about what we can achieve in Peterborough to make it a happier, stronger and more resilient place to live.
Many of our future plans for Peterborough in Transition involve social and community events. By bringing people together we can reactivate the community spirit and togetherness that is often lacking in twenty-first century society. Future events being planned include a ceilidh, a football tournament and a swapping day to share and swap clothes, plants, books and toys.
Although the Transition movement has been motivated by serious issues, making a difference in our communities can be fun and feeling pride in where we live leads to an increased sense of belonging and empowerment.

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