Rich’s Answer

…for a fairer world and to give us hope

“Becoming involved with Transition increases hope and helps me believe local people can make positive change on global issues. It’s fun as well. Bringing our way of life into harmony with our environment is the common cause of our age and perhaps the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced.”

Rich, Millfield

During recent times we have seen an increase in the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have-nots’ in society. Many social groups feel marginalised, alienated and powerless. A lot of people are motivated to engage with Transition because a more local economy – in which assets and key enterprises are owned and managed by and on behalf of the local community – offers local economic resilience and a far better route to social justice than ‘business-as-usual’ does.

One of the aims of Peterborough in Transition is to engage everyone in Peterborough and work together on projects, giving a voice to each and every ethnic, social and economic group within our city. Too often decisions are made for people, without them being consulted or involved, leaving them feeling helpless and voiceless. Transition is about stopping and listening as well as acting. If the people of Peterborough feel engaged and supported we will begin to realise that together we can make our city happier and stronger.

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