Lauren’s Answer

…because of fear and uncertainty

“The more I learnt about peak oil, climate change and the global economy, the more isolated and helpless I felt. Transition has given me hope for my future and for the future of my children. I have found some acceptance of the situation the planet and humanity is in and I am focusing on solutions rather than problems – and making friends, learning skills and having fun along the way…”

Lauren, Orton Brimbles


For some, engaging in Transition is their way of acting in order to cope with the fear arising from the recent economic crisis and learning the facts about peak oil and climate change. Fear is a powerful motivator and, while Transition may not make the fear go away, working with others and sharing fears and hopes can help people to feel less isolated and overwhelmed. It is difficult to face the reality of the situation the world is in but together we can feel stronger and can unite to make a positive difference.

Peterborough in Transition involves people from different backgrounds and we have found that, although we each have a different focus or reason for becoming involved, by sharing our stories and worries we have discovered new perspectives, leading to greater group cohesion and a supportive and positive environment for creating and sustaining practical projects in Peterborough.

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