Julia’s Answer

…to feel connected and build a supportive and inclusive community

“I’m involved with Transition because I think there’s a better way to live than relying on other companies to provide stuff for me. For me it’s about moving away from globalisation and towards localisation, which includes connecting with my community.”

Julia, New England

In this modern world of emails, texts and social media it is easy to spend long periods of time without making physical and meaningful social contact with other people. Families are often separated or scattered, and many of us barely say hello to our neighbours let alone find time to get to know them. It can be difficult nowadays to ask others for help, for fear of being seen as weak or needy. But we are a social species and no one can live independently of other human beings or, indeed, independently of nature.

Transition can help us to reconnect emotionally, physically and spiritually to ourselves, to others and to the earth we inhabit. These connections bring warmth and support into our lives. By reaching out and spending time working on projects with people we wouldn’t usually work with we can rediscover how we are all in this together and we can begin to move away from the status- and results-driven mentality so predominant in western culture. We can begin to remember that we are all the same and that we are all searching for happiness.

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