Bob’s Answer

…to shape our future and our local area – to DO and not just talk

“Genuine solutions [to environmental and social issues] have to come from grass-roots change … there is a better way of living without the materialistic obsession driving many societies around the globe.”

Bob, Wisbech

Many people have opinions and knowledge about the global issues that underpin the Transition movement, such as peak oil, climate change and economic instability. But constant grim news about the state of the world can leave people feeling hopeless and depressed – many will even prefer to remain in denial and carry on as if nothing is happening. A sense of powerlessness can take over and leave people feeling numb, that nothing’s going to change, no one cares and it’s all too late. Transition, for many people, is a way back into feeling that it is possible to make a difference.

By acting locally on global issues we can reclaim some control over our local environment and our communities. Discussion and debate can be helpful – but Transition is focused on solutions not problems and simply getting started and doing something is a hopeful activity that touches people deeply.

The power to change our lives and our environment lies within all of us. It is time to pull together and act to make positive changes in our city. Those involved in Peterborough in Transition feel excited and energised. We are ready to ‘be the change’ – are you?

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