Alun’s Answer

…to learn and share skills

 “I’d like to see a revival of people eating and growing local food and for people to make their own food using natural ingredients.”

 Alun, Werrington

We all have skills to share and qualities to offer our communities – even if we don’t yet realise what they are. Everyone involved in Peterborough in Transition brings something to the group and each person has different experiences and skills. Some of us are very creative, some are experienced in gardening and growing food, some have talents in mechanics or construction, and some bring organisational and people skills. Transition takes all sorts and this diversity is vital for us to truly make changes and engage everyone in our city.


As well as informal sharing of skills and information, we have also run several Peterborough in Transition courses and workshops, including a course on foraging for local wild food, a workshop on repairing and maintaining bicycles and a weekend course on permaculture. We have more planned and are always open to new ideas for learning and connecting with other organisations.

Time and skill swapping is also a satisfying experience for all parties involved – much more so than simply handing over cash and receiving a service. A Peterborough in Transition skill swap or time bank could be a way of further connecting with people in our communities and helping each other out.

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