Why Transition?

  • …to have fun and show our pride in Peterborough
    “Peterborough in Transition has helped me meet all sorts of amazing people who really care about their city. I’m only one person but together I feel like we can do great things in Peterborough.”
    Sophie, Bretton
  • …for a fairer world and to give us hope
    “Becoming involved with Transition increases hope and helps me believe local people can make positive change on global issues. It’s fun as well. Bringing our way of life into harmony with our environment is the common cause of our age and perhaps the greatest challenge humankind has ever faced.”
    Rich, Millfield
  • …because of peak oil and climate change
    I am involved in Transition because I need to learn about how we are destroying our planet … and how I can help to stop the destruction.”
    Mark, Olive Branch Garden, Dogsthorpe
  • …because of fear and uncertainty
    “The more I learnt about peak oil, climate change and the global economy, the more isolated and helpless I felt. Transition has given me hope for my future and for the future of my children. I have found some acceptance of the situation the planet and humanity is in and I am focusing on solutions rather than problems – and making friends, learning skills and having fun along the way…”
    Lauren, Orton Brimbles
  • …to learn and share skills
    “I’d like to see a revival of people eating and growing local food and for people to make their own food using natural ingredients.”
    Alun, Werrington
  • …to feel connected and build a supportive and inclusive community
    “I’m involved with Transition because I think there’s a better way to live than relying on other companies to provide stuff for me. For me it’s about moving away from globalisation and towards localisation, which includes connecting with my community.”
    Julia, New England

  • …to shape our future and our local area – to DO and not just talk
    “Genuine solutions [to environmental and social issues] have to come from grass-roots change … there is a better way of living without the materialistic obsession driving many societies around the globe.”
    Bob, Wisbech

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