We are now official!

This morning the PinT email account received an email from Mike Thomas, the new Transition Initiative Support Coordinator to let us know that Peterborough in Transition is now an “official” transition initiative! The email is quite long and has lots of helpful information in it. For example, if we ever want to become a more formal group, we may find it helpful to look at the resources directory on the Transition Website: we might be able to find the constitutions adopted by other initiatives.  Similarly if we want to start new projects (Energy or Transport for example) we may find it helpful to look in the projects database: we may be able to learn from what others have done, or maybe even get in touch to arrange a visit! Mike also suggests that we list our events on the Transition Network site.

I’ve also mentioned several times recently that it would be good to get more people blogging more frequently on our website. Did you know that articles from our site now also appear on our initiative profile on the Transition Network site? Mike has taken a look at our site, and especially liked our wild food map.

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