Power Trip: Fracking in the UK

We are holding a screening of Power Trip: Fracking in the UK followed by discussion, on Tuesday 23rd October 2018, 6.30pm-8.30pm, at the offices of PECT, The Green House, 1st Floor, 4-6 Cowgate, Peterborough, PE1 1NA.

Power Trip: Fracking in the UK (63mins) takes you onto the frontlines of UK resistance in the battle to stop the controversial energy extraction process known as ‘Fracking’.

Undercurrents productions show what happens beyond the few seconds glimpsed on the mainstream TV news. We follow grandmothers (Lancashire Nanas) as they team up with younger activists (Reclaim The Power) to shut down Cuadrilla’s drilling sites. In Lancashire and Sussex trucks are occupied, drilling sites are blocked and supply chains are disrupted. Police are spending millions of pounds trying (and failing) to stop the daily protests. One man attempts to make a citizens arrest on the Prime Minister for allegedly misleading the public over this form of extreme energy extraction

The film widens the discussion to highlight the role of the media and lobby groups in shaping public perception of unconventional gas and oil exploration. We hear from energy experts, journalists and key politicians amongst the voices of local residents and councillors.




To book your free place please email transitionpeterborough@gmail.com

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