PinT family group update – first meeting held last Sunday!

So we had our first meeting yesterday at the Green Backyard and it was great to meet new people and to see some new faces getting involved in PinT! It was a very relaxed and child-friendly meeting … We had some general discussion about what Transition is and a few of our ideas for Peterborough. We also talked about making decisions based on consensus and this being a non-hierarchical group, in which anyone can start a project/event/workshop – so if you have any ideas just start a conversation about them on the forum and if it is something people are interested in you can just get going! Lauren would like to organise a pre-Christmas swapping event where people can bring their old books/toys/clothes etc. and swap them for new ones that other people have brought (we need a snappier title for this event… :)). If anyone would like to help Lauren organise this or volunteer on the day, please have a look at the ‘Swap event’ thread on the forum or email her at We didn’t get round to discussing how regularly we would like to meet but a Sunday seemed good for quite a few families and the Green Backyard is great for the kids to run around together and come in and out of the meeting room – so shall we provisionally agree to meet on the first Sunday of the month at 1pm at the GBY? That would mean the next meeting would be on Sunday 4th November? Also, the next main PinT meeting is at 6pm at PECT on Monday 5th November if anyone can make it…

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Alun lives in Werrington and is a regular volunteer at the Green Backyard.
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