Who are we?

Peterborough In Transition is an independent group of people living in and around Peterborough. Group members aim to play their part in helping to realise our vision:

 A resilient, sustainable, happy, Peterborough

We aim to find ways of strengthening our local community and economy, encouraging locals skills and food production, divestment from fossil fuels, and investment in renewable energy, and campaigning to make our local public services more sustainable, so that Peterborough is better prepared for the challenges of climate change and the declining availability of cheap energy supplies.


We meet at 6pm on the third Thursday of each month. We usually meet at The Green Backyard. For details of forthcoming meetings please refer to our events calendar.

Ways to contact us

You can contact Peterborough in Transition through our “Get in Touch” page, via a message to our facebook page, or by sending an email to transitionpeterborough at gmail dot com. Please note that the address has been given like this to stop spammers from harvesting our email address, and you need to change “at” to “@” and “dot” to “.”. There should not be any spaces in the email address either.

What we’ve done

The group was formed in November 2011 after a meeting in the town hall. In early 2012 we organised a number of training courses – including courses on building rocket stoves,  pedal powered generators, and a course on foraging wild food. In June 2012 we held our “Launch Celebration” at The Green Backyard (GBY), which was attended by more than 400 people. In 2013 we visited several food projects around the country, and in November we organised a very successful ceilidh. In 2014 the “Backyard Food” shop opened at the GBY, stocking a range of local and organic items, and building on our food cooperative that had been running since 2012. To celebrate the opening of our new shop we organised a May Day celebration at The Green Backyard, where several members of Peterborough in Transition were by now trustees, and later in the year we organised a second ceilidh to raise funds for the GBY. In 2015 we ran a “Carbon Conversations” group, where those attending could learn how to take practical steps to reduce their personal carbon footprint. After a hiatus the group is now attracting new members and engaging in new activities. Group members have recently taken part in surveys for the National Plant Monitoring Scheme, and have hosted two lively discussion groups, including one at the 2016 Green Festival.

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