Local action for a greener city


Peterborough in Transition (PinT) is a grassroots community organisation that helps develop local solutions to the problems of fossil fuel pollution, climate change and shrinking supplies of natural resources. As part of Transition Network, an international movement to address environmental problems at the community level, we aim to help Peterborough play an active role in building a more sustainable world. We are all local people who believe change happens from the ground up, and that communities are made stronger and happier when we work together with a common goal. The wealth of eco projects and community groups already here in Peterborough show how much we can do for our city by simply taking the initiative ourselves.

PinT’s projects include:

  • providing a central network for the various community gardens and food growing projects around Peterborough.
  • campaigning to reduce the carbon footprint of our local government and public services.
  • promoting local skills, business and food production for a more resilient and sustainable economy.
  • facilitating opportunities for community learning about ecological problems and solutions.

But, like anything that lives and grows, we are constantly evolving as different people decide to get involved and bring their unique skills, talents and ideas to the table. If you’d like to find out more or get involved yourself, check out our Facebook and Twitter pages, or send us a message from the contact page. Or just come along to one of our regular meetings.




Our main monthly meeting is on the third Thursday of the month at 6 pm. We often meet at The Green Backyard, but please get in touch or check our social media pages if you’re coming along for the first time.

We also have a social get-together every month: “Pint with PinT” on the fourth Thursday of the month at 6 pm. The venues for this event varies, so please send us a message or check the event details on Facebook.


Mailing List


To sign up to our mailing list please click on this link


Our story so far


The group was formed in November 2011 after a packed meeting in the town hall, which generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm for the idea. In early 2012 we organised a number of training events, including courses on solar panel construction, permaculture design and foraging for wild food. We also set up a local food cooperative. Later that year we held our “Launch Celebration” at The Green Backyard, which was attended by more than 400 people. In 2013 we visited several food growing projects around the country, and in November we organised a very successful ceilidh. In 2014 we opened our food shop, “Backyard Food”, at The Green Backyard. It stocks a range of local and organic items, building on the food cooperative we started in our early days. We held a May Day celebration at The Green Backyard to celebrate the opening of the shop, as well as organising a second ceilidh. In 2015 we ran a “Carbon Conversations” group, offering a way for people to address their personal carbon footprint in a constructive discussion format. Our most recent project is a local fossil fuel divestment campaign and we have also been hosting public discussion groups, one as part of the 2016 Green Festival.

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